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Building businesses that produce exceptional results requires uncommon ideas. At the same time you need to be cost effective. We are Procurus, LLC and have been building business solutions for 15 years. We are well versed in the disciplines of Business Startup/Development, Online Marketing, and IT. We are also masters of social media and applying viral trends to attract more customers.

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Let’s face it, the world is changing and more and more people are using their mobile devices to connect to the web. There are also many opportunities to provide applications to your customers. With that said, it is crucial that your business is accessible through mobile devices to all customers. Your competition certainly is.

Twitter Campaigns

Twitter is a unique medium for getting in front of potential customers. There are many options and exciting ways to use Twitter attract new fans and customers. Many business’s are realizing that having a fan base is crucial to a successful ad campaign. Also, if a business isn’t on top of their social media content ..

Facebook Advertising

Facebook is rapidly becoming an effective way to target potential customers. The benefit of Facebook is that it allows a business to advertise it’s services and products directly to consumers. The trick is to make sure you target the appropriate audience. Luckily Facebook has ways to report on usage and target customers by many criteria.

Google Advertising

Google is one of the best ways to generate leads for your business. Potential customers utilize google to search and evaluate potential businesses that meet their needs. The key to success is to make sure you match up your business’s offerings with what people are searching for. Over the years we have developed a level ..

What the Heck is SWAG?

Well, first off, it is not quite what you think. Swag might not seem like something that one would associate with a business, but we sure do. At least in the way we use the word. SWAG for us is an approach we utilize to build profitable businesses and follows four key principles (SWAG): SOCIAL=You should be socially connected to your customers. WOW=Your business should be creative and engaging. ACCESSIBLE=Your business should be accessible via all devices and communication avenues. GOLD=Ultimately your business should be just like gold and increase in value year after year.